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I’m told that a popular summer past-time here is to go ballooning, and we’ve seen several gaggles of balloons pass overhead over the past few weeks.  We’ve even seen the folks setting up the balloons, to launch them from the … Continue reading

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Headlines and farmworkers

While Julian Assange dominated headlines here and abroad with news of Wikileaks, false rape accusations, etc., a smaller local story has grabbed my attention. I thought it would be a familiar trope: foreign farmworkers strike for better treatment. However, the … Continue reading

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Mall-ing the language

This week, Matt and I started intensive Swedish courses. It’s sort of amazing how difficult it is for my brain to wrap itself around a new language.  The first day was so tiring, plus it made me homesick — a … Continue reading

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Weekend wandering

All of you folks who are planning on visiting us here in Stockholm owe our friend Sera Sera many thanks. She traveled to visit us here in Sverige this past weekend, with the goal of helping me find the hidden … Continue reading

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City Culture Fest

I should have posted this earlier, but the weekend was hectic, somehow — On Thursday and Friday evenings, I went downtown to meet up with my newfound friend A., to see some of the sights on the program for the … Continue reading

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How [Not] to Meet Your Neighbors

So far, over the past few days, I’ve introduced myself to some of the neighbors in our apartment building — the guy upstairs and his young daughter, the young woman who lives next door to him, another woman downstairs, and … Continue reading

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A boat ride through the archipelago

We took a boat trip on Friday afternoon, en route to dinner at a colleague’s house.  Even though he and his family live on the main land, as a commuter, he could choose to follow a watery path.  The 1.5-hour … Continue reading

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