City Culture Fest

I should have posted this earlier, but the weekend was hectic, somehow

At the trailerpark: Yes, that is a giant mushroom hanging from a tree. It might have helped improve the performance (50s hits, punk style on ukelele).

On Thursday and Friday evenings, I went downtown to meet up with my newfound friend A., to see some of the sights on the program for the Stockholm Culture Festival.  She says that the city puts on music and dance performances the week before school starts, as a way to lure kids into some healthy activities (instead of drinking themselves silly during the post-vacation, pre-academic year lull).

The events were silly and fun and some were quite interesting and good, I think — but we were too tired to check out everything.  Over beers and the strains of Swedish samba music, A. grilled me on Swedish pronunciation, which was fun (and hard! I had to sing the “u” sound to get “fire” correct).

Fireblower: He eventually ate some fire, tho' not off the horns hanging off his crotch, thankfully.

And we went to see a very bizarre dance performance about life and death (the dancers ended up duct-taped into white plastic barrels, rolling around to spooky electronic music). Also, the circus we saw was fun, if a bit too riské in some respects.

Mostly, I enjoyed wandering around people-watching.  And now I’m looking forward to seeing the dance at another free outdoor festival near A.’s house.

Danceof life: Embedded from birth to death.

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