Weekend wandering

Milles' statues

All of you folks who are planning on visiting us here in Stockholm owe our friend Sera Sera many thanks. She traveled to visit us here in Sverige this past weekend, with the goal of helping me find the hidden goodies and visit the obvious treasures here — stores, restaurants, museums, and other delights.

We went exploring on several islands, and found restaurants I’m sure we will be returning to again and again. One included a place in Södermalm with excellent hamburgers (I think that’s hamburgares?) and Anchor Steam and Brooklyn Brewery beer. We also had some amazing mezza, half Greek, half Turkish according to the restaurant’s name — delicious seared tuna, red lentil salad, and other dishes.

We did not make it to all the museums we wanted to visit. But we had two hours at the modern art museum (we saw the current Ed Ruscha show, amazing stuff!) and a short wander through an old Jaquard silk factory.

Matisse. I chose not to photograph Ed Ruscha. Not sure why.

A Jacquard silk loom with pattern punch cards

Silken spools

The best find, however, was the Millesgården — a beautiful combination of pleasing outdoor space with gorgeous statues and indoor spaces to give you a feel for the studio space and the artists behind the collection. This garden is so lovely, complete with boule court, café, and amazing view of the sky…

Millions of Milles statues

Jonah popping from the whale's mouth


The rest you will have to come see for yourself…

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2 Responses to Weekend wandering

  1. zurichsee says:

    One thing I forgot to mention: Vete-Katten, a lovely shop that serves delicious pastries, set in a warren of rooms, each with coffee pots at the appointed “fika” hour… I recently met some Americans, A&S, there for fika or the equivalent of Swedish kaffeeklatsch, who knew I had to be introduced to this place. Mmmm. Not to be missed.

  2. Helen says:

    Ooh, cool! Come to think of it, I *am* much more interested in visiting you in Stockholm than I was in Zurich. Hm. Must see if I can make this happen.

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