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Höst Väder

Fall weather!  We woke this morning to fog, and Matt looked out the window at the layer of precipitation on the roof and said, hey, there’s frost on the pumpkin! But it’s not that cold here yet. The lows are … Continue reading

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Sunday evening found us standing on a street in the middle of the city, looking longingly up at dimly lit apartment windows, hoping for a familiar face to peak out of one. Earlier in the evening, we bussed across town … Continue reading

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Construction update

For those of you following the drama, the dehumidifiers went in last week. The sound is equivalent to a bus engine idling continuously outside our window, and the machines put out a lot of heat, so no worries about us … Continue reading

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Canoeing escapism

Matt and I headed out to a nearby lake to canoe the other day with one of his colleagues — it was so lovely. So nice to be in a canoe with paddle in hand, away from my computer and … Continue reading

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Elections upset

Every four years, on the third Sunday of September, Sweden holds its elections — I found this blog post from the Economist particularly illuminating: I have no real grasp of the politics here, despite some quick tutorials from various … Continue reading

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Yom Tov in Stockholm

Last year, I went to High Holyday services in Zurich and Berlin.  The year before that, at my home congregation in Sacramento.  In 2007, I was in Washington, DC, attending the Georgetown University services with Rabbi White. And this year, of … Continue reading

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Giant sucking noises

Sometime midmorning yesterday, I started hearing the vacuuming of the sand off the floor.  Our beach has been removed!

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