We have been learning numbers.  And numbers in Swedish sound and look suspiciously like Italian.

For example, 90 is nittio.  And 4 is fyra, a word I have yet to master when it comes to pronounciation — a blend of “fi,” “fur,” and “ah.”  I have to sing it to say it.  And 94?  Nittiofyra.  How is that not Italianate?

I have decided that Svenska is basically speaking English mixed into a little bit of Deutsch with an Italian accent.  It’s not quite helping me yet, but I’ll get this Swedish accent under my belt soon, I hope.  (I have to replace the Swedish Chef’s voice in my head too.  BORK BORK BORK!)


With that in mind, take a look at the following article, adapted from the book, Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages, by Guy Deutscher:

Does your language shape how you think?

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One Response to Italienska

  1. Erik Hagen says:

    Bork! What, that’s not Swedish?

    Thank you for making me laugh with the most excellent video. Ask Tamara to do an impression for you someday, it’s awesome.

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