The management company of our apartment sublet finally brought in some engineers, who checked out the damage from the water heating pipe that burst upstairs a few weeks ago.

Ceiling art: still wet and beginning to peel off.

You might recall the photo of our peeling ceiling, sagging and dripping from the water that crept into the sand layer between our cement ceiling and the cement floor to the apartment above.

Well, the verdict is in:  The engineers have determined that the walls, flooring and ceiling harbor too much water and water damage. They have to be replaced, and what infrastructure remains will have to dry out, with the help of dehumidifiers.  For two to three months.


So we are working out where to stash the furniture from the large sitting/dining area, and I think I am mourning the loss of the sunlit room for the last few weeks of the year that will have some real daylight.  Time to start searching for that solar lamp I will need — suggestions for good brands, anyone?

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4 Responses to Waterlogged

  1. Deb says:


    Sunbox is the company my mom recommended for my SAD… I have the one called sunsation:)

    Their website has lots of good general information as well.


  2. Tamara says:

    won’t the apartment managers pay to store your stuff — could you ask them for some recommendations where to store it?

    • zurichsee says:

      It’s a long story. While the building management is responsible for paying for construction and the big stuff, they won’t pay for storage, etc., which would have been covered by our personal home insurance.

      And we don’t have personal house insurance because we do not have our personal numbers yet — those numbers are a lot like Social Security numbers in the US, only more so. You have to have them to get everything here, it seems, whether it’s cable service, electricity, home insurance or … almost anything subscription-like.

      So our landlords had canceled theirs when they left for the year, assuming we could get ours in place fast. We still don’t have our numbers yet though, even though we applied for them the first week we were here. So, that means no insurance to pay for storage, hotel rooms, whatnot…

  3. Lila says:

    Oh ick, Naomi. I’m sorry to hear about all this.

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