Beachfront livingroom

Always put your plastic door up first.

Finally, construction has started!

This morning, at about 7:30, the workmen showed up to start the repairs from the water leak from upstairs.  They put up the plastic barrier that seals off our living space, with a zippered door that makes it feel like we are camping, going in and out of our tent.

Sun, sand and saws. Yes, part of the wall is gone too.

Later in the day, they slowly proceeded to disassemble one half of our apartment.  The corner closest to the heating pipes seems to be wettest — the construction crew plans to remove the sand layer, dry it out, and put it back.  They will have to remove more of the wallboard as well along the windows, as that is soaked too.

The sand layer between our cement ceiling and the floor upstairs also has to go, the entire room upstairs was soaked and several feet into their hallway as well.  That sand layer made for excellent sound insulation, muffling the noises from above (though I can sometimes hear their toddler running back and forth).

Room with a view... into the apartment next door. The crew will remove the entire bathroom from this one-room apartment, as it's soaked and moldy (just like one or two of our walls).

Several apartments on almost every floor of our building were affected to varying degrees, so these guys have a lot of work to do.  And a lot of construction waste to haul away — they’ve been pitching it off the balconies into the dumpster below (we are on the 4th floor).

Dumpster dropping, not diving.

Moldy picture backing, hanging on a wet wall...

So, now we wait for the guys to remove some more wallboard and the heater in the corner.  I’m hoping they are getting rid of all the mold too.

And then we will see how loud things are when the dehumidifiers start up next week — I’m hoping it won’t take too long to dry everything out.  Like the contract project leader said, by sometime before Christmas for sure…

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