Elections upset

Every four years, on the third Sunday of September, Sweden holds its elections — I found this blog post from the Economist particularly illuminating:

I have no real grasp of the politics here, despite some quick tutorials from various friends and acquaintances, so I can’t weigh in really.  I can only say how weird it is to live in countries with political parties that blatantly state in their platforms that they are xenophobic and against outsiders, and that these parties win votes.

On the other hand, is that any better than having those views clothed in obfuscating rhetoric, as they are in some races in the US?

(By the way, having just written that sentence, using the exact words I wanted, I wonder if I will ever speak Swedish fluently enough to be eloquent!  I wonder this particularly after Swedish classes today, and my tongue-tied state at the stores this afternoon shopping for groceries.  I ended up speaking Spanish to a very nice lady in the detergent aisle. Another uttlander!!)

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