Höst Väder

Fall weather!  We woke this morning to fog, and Matt looked out the window at the layer of precipitation on the roof and said, hey, there’s frost on the pumpkin!

But it’s not that cold here yet. The lows are hitting about 3° or 4° Celsius, and the highs around 13° C.  It’s positively balmy. That’s something like 55° F for you Americans, and especially for you Americans experiencing heat waves in California (100° F in LA in October??  Holy mackerel!).

My rides home that past few afternoons from Swedish class have been under clear blue skies, and I’ve felt almost warm in the sun. Today I took off my jacket and rode through the park —

Skies like this make even the most industrial landscapes look tiny and quaint.  That tower is the massive television tower near our apartment — one day I hope to post some landscape views from the top, after having a drink up there.

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