Prague perambulations

Our quick visit to Czech Republic was way too short.

Our flight’s descent over the open countryside showed me just how much agriculture remains outside the city of Prague. That feeling was reinforced by the two-hour drive we took at high speeds through fields and over small two-lane roads that whipped us through small towns and hamlets.

Towering construction from the 1200s...

But each little town contained something immense and historic — a large city hall, a huge cathedral in a commercial center, a several-hundred-year-old crumbling castle.

Touring ruins in Rabi

Church at the crossroads

They've even kept their money, instead of adopting the euro when they joined the EU.

These were hints of what was to come in the city of Prague, with its many layers of history: present-day commerce overlapping Communist monoliths that attempted to wipe away Bohemian decorative arts that had gilded even older wealth.  The Czechs have kept everything.

The gilded Imperial cafe (flip it for the swimming pool effect).

I want to go back.  We did not have the time to visit the Jewish quarter, which really intrigued Matt the first time he came to Prague.  And there are a gazillion alleyways and arcades to visit, history to read up on (Kafka, Velvet Revolutions, King Charles) and we never even made it to the castle.

Tesla arcade with fusion food.


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One Response to Prague perambulations

  1. Lila says:

    Prague is amazing. And so beautiful. I want to go back.

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