And today’s weather…

The prognosis for the day is sun, sun, sun, according to my favorite weather channel, Vader Kanalen.

They have photos of their perky staff posed for the hour-by-hour breakdown of what’s happening here — and in Stockholm, one seems to need that kind of detail in the forecast, as things do change by the hour. On Thursday morning, for example, we woke to rain; a few hours later it was sunny and windy and perfect for riding my bike to class.

I dag i Stockholm skiner solen och den hojer grader ska bli ved 4°C. Solen upp 07:24:59, solen ner 17:40:55. (That’s about 40°F. It was down to -3°C last night.)

For comparison: in Los Angeles today, the sun will shine and the expected high will be 23°C (that’s nearly 75°F for those of you in the US). Sunrise 06:57:21, sunset 18:19:59.

(NOTE: For those of you who read my blog while I was in Zurich,, you will be happy to note that this is my first real weather post here in Stockholm. I guess I’ve been trying to ignore it! It may be that I start reporting on the sunlight, or lack thereof… )

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