Low-key weekend

The weekend has been gorgeous — blue skies, lots of sun, and chilly. Matt and I went wandering around downtown by foot and out in the Djurgarden by bike.

Yesterday we stopped at a place I’d thought of as a tourist site, one that I’ve been meaning to go to, but the Saluhall at Ostermalmstorg turns out to be a locals’ favorite hangout too. Filled with delis and other delicious goodies, I think Ostermalm-ites must flock here for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. It reminded me of Eastern Market in Washington, D.C., only much more upscale.

Out in the square, Matt and I stopped at Lisas på torget, where we sat for a while, people watching and drinking coffee — expensive coffee, something like $8 worth of coffee in two cups. Still, I’m hoping to go back there; the fish is supposed to be exquisite.

A beautiful weekend…

Correction: I initially wrote that we paid something like $14 for our coffee from the cafe, but it was actually $8. So I’ve changed the original text from “super expensive coffee, holy crow,” to something more moderate.

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