[Editor’s note: a post for LG]

A jungle gym in a Montreal park. No worries, I won't be playing on one of these at our new gym.

We just got back from our first workouts at our new gym!

It’s literally across the back alleyway from our house. I’m hoping this makes a difference in our motivation levels. It took about 5 minutes to get over there for a one-hour workout, and here we are, back home to shower in moments.  No carrying of shampoo and changes of clothing, no worrying about forgetting clean socks for the day…

But also no yoga classes, nor a lovely walk up the hill as with our last two gyms. This small establishment serves mostly the people who work in the same building, it seems.  Matt and I were there with one other person the whole time this afternoon.

The gym is in a basement without windows, which gave me pause at first.  But I am thinking that for the 6 months that we have our memberships, this won’t be much of a problem. As I type this, it’s 5:30 pm and getting dark now, and the time change is tonight, so we will “fall back” an hour. We won’t be working out during daylight hours anyway!

And by the time our memberships are up, the sun should be back. By then, we will be dying to go out into it for any kind of exercise, I’m certain.

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One Response to Gym!

  1. Lila says:

    Ooh, the gym! Good for you guys. And awesome that it’s so close. The cold and dark will be no excuse for staying away.

    I haven’t been to the gym in ages. I did a lot of baby-and-me yoga during my maternity leave, and the occasional exercise tape at home. Now I don’t know where to find the time. I did do some yoga yesterday with Seymour on the floor watching me! But I don’t think I can find the time to do it during the work week. Yikes, I gotta figure out how to get some exercise!

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