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Giving thanks

The decadence that is thanksgiving at T&E’s house included, in addition to the 17-pound turkey, prosciutto horns filled with pine nuts, sultanas, gorgonzola, and rucola (arugula, rocket); shrimp in some amazing sauce on toast; a whole platter of Americana goodies, … Continue reading

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Couch, Unpurchased

Coveted: disco-red-vinyl-covered couch from the secondhand shop near school, with matching chair, all for 4,000 SEK (about $600). While we decided that we certainly are hip enough to own such a plastic-upholstered beast, we also decided it wasn’t quite worth … Continue reading

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Sun in a box

Ironically, the day my therapeutic sun lamp arrived was bright and sunny. But by the end of yesterday afternoon, I had a small suspicion that I’m going to need this little gray box: As it got dark somewhere at around … Continue reading

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Couch Surfing

Couches have been my obsession over the past few days. Now that the construction to repair the water damage in our sublet is complete and we have our space back, we have to fill it!  And fill it comfortably — … Continue reading

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Lighting the way

Yesterday, Matt and I were on the prowl for a few objects for the house, including a string of LEDs for some cozy lighting. We found those, and the search fired up my desire for a light (en lampa) over … Continue reading

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Will Travel for Food

I have discovered that I no longer travel to see art or architecture, nor to be in the wilderness or to catch a whiff of history. I travel to eat. We went to Barcelona last week, Matt for a meeting … Continue reading

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Fini! Full! Finished!

Done, complete, repaired, returned… well, almost! We were away at the end of last week, and we came home Sunday evening to find the apartment restored to wholeness.  Once more, we live in a vast space, with sunlight and no … Continue reading

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