Canvas: what could I put up? Flowers? Animals? Graffiti tags? ... oh wait, this is a sublet.

Our apartment smells like paint. Finally, the construction is winding down — as of yesterday, our walls are now a lovely blank canvas of white.

Which leads me to my growing graffiti fetish.

Matt and I watched the Banksy film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, a few weeks ago. I remember being thrilled by Banksy’s prank at the National Museum in London a while back, where he hung his own artworks in between the older stuff.

Watching the movie reminded me of how odd I found the graffiti scene in Zurich. There’s a competition every spring, where artists are invited to show off on the walls along the banks of the Limmat River, which have become dense murals of intricate graffiti art. (I thought I had posted photos of this on my last blog, but not really — here’s the official city government’s page on its website documenting where it is legal to spray paint graffiti, including a helpful PDF with maps of where to find the walls:

(space-)Walking in one of Berlin's hip neighborhoods

I was wandering around in Berlin recently; the stuff there is fantastic. And there’s a few walls I wish I could visit in NYC, deep underground (watch this excellent video of the installation.) 

I am keeping my eyes peeled here in Stockholm — so far, the stuff in the T-Bana stations remains the most public display of public art. Until I start documenting local scribbles, I highly recommend you watch this cool animated documentary of local women taggers, in Swedish with English subtitles: Blue Karma Tiger.

I wonder if I could try my hand on the walls here at home? I will have to wait until we have our own place, I think!

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3 Responses to Paint

  1. zurichsee says:

    By the way, the link to the NYC underground display is to the news story — the video is embedded lower down in the page!

  2. Lila says:

    It’s not graffiti by any means, but you could get some of those removable vinyl arty things (often for kids, but not always) to decorate your walls. I’ve seen a lot of them on Etsy. For instance:

    I keep meaning to buy some sort of these things to decorate Augusta’s room but I haven’t gotten around to it.

    • zurichsee says:

      Great idea! These seem to be all the rage here too. There are a few I really like, these huge poppies… Hmmm. I’ll start prowling around.

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