Fini! Full! Finished!

Done, complete, repaired, returned… well, almost!

Dance floor? Bowling alley? Roller skating? What should we do with all this space??

We were away at the end of last week, and we came home Sunday evening to find the apartment restored to wholeness.  Once more, we live in a vast space, with sunlight and no more construction!

Dear IKEA: Can we design your next catalog?

We spent yesterday evening moving furniture. Now the room seems huge, the apartment almost too big.  Parts of it look like a very spare IKEA advertisement, as we are lacking some of the furniture that was here when we first came (in storage, to protect it during the renovations).

I am hoping this is my last post on the subject!  Though I promise you will read more about housing in Stockholm, when we start looking for our next apartment this coming spring…

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