Lighting the way


A string of LEDs

Yesterday, Matt and I were on the prowl for a few objects for the house, including a string of LEDs for some cozy lighting. We found those, and the search fired up my desire for a light (en lampa) over the dining table.

What I really want is the fabulous chandelier hanging in the florist shop window we passed.  The bottle caps match the Kalla caviar-in-a-tube candlesticks (filled with heavy cement, I’m guessing, to keep them stable).

Caps and ...


Grab a glass

Or maybe the chandelier made of tiers of upside-down wine glasses, perched and ready to go in their hooks?  That would make for an amazing party, I bet.

Death Star on the left

The one that looks like the Death Star would make for a nice conversation piece (“oh, so you like the Dark Side?”).

Boring but buttery. Yum.

But I would be happy with one of the simple ones, maybe a cylindrical lampshade, in nubby cloth or paper, hanging down close to the table to create a warm pool of light.  Perfect for winter in Sweden.

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