Couch Surfing


Couches have been my obsession over the past few days.

Now that the construction to repair the water damage in our sublet is complete and we have our space back, we have to fill it!  And fill it comfortably — not only to have something to sit on for watching movies, but also to absorb some of the echoes in this newly cavernous space.

I somehow convinced Matt that we couldn’t survive on just two beanbags, or a couple of chairs.  (Too close to grad school, and wholly inappropriate for when my mom comes to visit or if we have more than one guest over at a time.)  So he seems persuaded to my cause.  He’s also the reason we went to Myrorna on Sunday, to search for a couch.  He found the site, mapped out the route, and got me out of the house and on my way on Sunday afternoon.

Myrorna has some cool stuff, including this several-thousand-SEK television from deep history.

Considering that Myrorna is the Salvation Army’s outpost here in Sweden, you can imagine that not all of the furniture we saw on Sunday was in the best condition.  The couches were scuffed, faded, broken down, sagging… disappointing.

A surprising find in Sweden.

Instead, we picked up two beautiful Southwestern-colored rugs, an oval wood-framed mirror, an IKEA chair (a stop gap measure only for livingroom seating!), and a framed print from Chez Panisse, from back in the 1980s when one of the first cookbooks came out, Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook. Fabulous finds, all around — for 1,000 SEK total ($150).

Matt and I would have struggled to get everything onto the metro (an uphill walk in the rain), a bus, and finally home.  But while we were loading ourselves up like mules, Matt started talking to an American couple in the parking lot, loading up their couch into one of the typical rental vans you can hire at most gas stations around here.

They were so kind as to offer us a ride to the metro, which morphed into a ride all the way home!  The shocking thing was that they had to pay 600 SEK to rent the van.  The couch this couple purchased was 150 SEK (a little less than $30).  Yikes.  We gave them 100 SEK for the ride, and will have them to dinner to make up for the rest!

Matt and the new-to-us IKEA chair take a ride.

Meanwhile, Matt and I have continued our prowl for a couch.  I stopped into Bolagret later on Sunday afternoon, and on Monday after class, Matt and I hit the “discount” furniture store the school where we take our language course.  We also saw a crazy red faux-leather 1960’s style couch, in the Stockholmstad secondhand shop nearby as well.  We will go on Thursday after class to see if it is still there.  Stay tuned…

"Discount" for probably about 6,900 SEK, with a pull-out bed.

Bolagret, also discount and an IKEA imitator: originally 8,500 SEK; now 7,500 SEK. (Ballpark: US$1,200.)

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