Couch, Unpurchased

Coveted: disco-red-vinyl-covered couch from the secondhand shop near school, with matching chair, all for 4,000 SEK (about $600).

Diggin' the vinyl on the wall... oh yeah, and on the couch too.

While we decided that we certainly are hip enough to own such a plastic-upholstered beast, we also decided it wasn’t quite worth the money at the moment. Maybe when we know what our next place looks like…

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One Response to Couch, Unpurchased

  1. Jeff Duncan says:

    Hadnt had a chance to read your blog in awhile. Looks like you are enjoying Stockholm, other than that broken water pipe situation. Kristen and I went to Czech Republic as well this year. Very beautiful contryside, and Prague is great. Let us know if you get back to the DC area in your travels.\\Jeff

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