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Moderna Museet meander

One of Matt’s colleagues gave us free tickets to the Moderna Museet here in Stockholm, which we used last Sunday — our final opportunity to go before the end of the year. Modern art can be tricky: Is that solid … Continue reading

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Still snowing

Sorry for the weather update, but yes, it’s still snowing here in Stockholm — and paralyzing, I think, to this city that is more used to rain and ice for winter.  It ain’t Minnesota, is what I’m saying. I’m posting … Continue reading

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Snowy Saturday/Sunday

Matt and I went for a walk through the Djurgården on Saturday afternoon on our way downtown. The last time we had taken this path was in fall, probably, after a visit to the Rosendalsträgård. Yesterday presented a different world: … Continue reading

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Embarrassing internet event

No no, this does not involve porn (thank goodness).  The interlude I am about to describe instead illustrates my complete dependence on the Internet, and my state of mind as an expat who works at home alone. Last Friday, my … Continue reading

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Couch is in the House!

Yes, it’s true, we bought a couch! If you’ve read my past posts, you know our dilemmas: we wondered if we really needed to buy a couch before we move again next year, without knowing what kind of space we … Continue reading

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Darkness falls

I just looked at the clock to see that it’s not even 4 pm, but the dark is so velvet and complete that I feel like as though late evening has descended already. As we approach winter solstice, I cannot … Continue reading

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Saturated Color

What happens when you live in a place where people wear bright colors? And then go somewhere that people wear only black?  Do you look funny? If you live on a tropical island, all the colors you see are bright, … Continue reading

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