Couch is in the House!

Yes, it’s true, we bought a couch!

If you’ve read my past posts, you know our dilemmas: we wondered if we really needed to buy a couch before we move again next year, without knowing what kind of space we will have down the road.  The fabulous blue sofa/guest bed seemed to be doing just fine in the living room, even though my office seemed a bit empty without it.  And we weren’t planning to have guests until next January, and could pull out the single bed in the storage unit if we had to have something else to sit on and remained couch-less by then.

Blue leather couch, interest piqued.

All these reasons and more stood against the purchase of a couch.  Until I saw one that just might do.

Saturday was a Jul-oriented shopping day; I was scoping out presents for Matt’s family and looking for wool pants for me (I’ve become tired of sitting around at home alone, working in jeans).  I hit the mall, and then the large Myrorna out by Ropsten, which we have frequented before.

I took photos of an assortment of objects to show Matt, who was stuck at home with a stomach bug. The slideshow I put on that evening included a snapshot of what I thought was a black leather couch.  Matt had immediately decided we should look at the couch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By Sunday, Matt was feeling better, and we put our original Saturday plan into motion:  A trip to Hotorget to see if we could find a specific item for his grandma (which will be another blog!), lunch, and then out to Myrorna, snabbt. Knowing how quickly furniture gets snapped up at this joint on weekends, we aimed to be there by noon.

Couch, un-footed.

We were late, and needless to say, the couch already had sold — which ended up being a major bonus.  It turned out to be dark blue and unattractive. But tucked into the final row, abutting pink velour, green canvas, caramel leather, faded gray cloth and other uphlostered monstrosities, sat a dark brown, low, leather sofa.

Its feet had been violently removed, and sat gathered in a forlorn paper bag at one end. Stripped-off wood and excess glue clung to the broken joints.  But the rest of the coffee-colored couch was beautiful.  Matt sat on it, slipped down into his normal slouched-seating position, and fell in love.  We bought it a few minutes later, for 650 kronor.

We had been calculating how much it would cost to go get a rental van to move our original target that afternoon — 600 kronor from the nearby gas station for four hours.  It seemed hardly worth it.  But the Myrorna employee who sold us the couch gave us the card of a friend with a truck, whom he said would move it for 350 kronor.  We left the moving guy a message and started looking around for other things we might want, to make it worth the trip.

Un-priced, not priceless.

Far back in the basement, stacked under an assortment of IKEA and other wooden coffee tables, was an unpriced marble-topped piece.  The legs were unsteady, but the magnetite shot through the heavy creamy rock beautifully. So we asked the guy, how much? Well, even though he declared this coffee table to be a unique item, he was trying to get rid of as much furniture on the floor as possible. (We could see why — he had couches and bookshelves stacked willy-nilly and up to the ceiling.)  Given that the marble had a crack, how about … 150 kronor?

That sounded fine to us.

Hippie ceramic wine goblets (35 kronor each).

We made our payment and left.  The next morning, I called the moving guy.  It was another adventure to go get everything. I met the guy serendipitously at Myrorna (where I had walked again, third time in as many days, to pick up the goblets we forgot to buy on Sunday, even though we had put them behind the counter).  He loaded the truck with the help of a lovely tall man from Jamaica with elegant wrists and a British accent.  We drove over to the apartment-building; I gave my life’s information to the lady at the hostel desk to borrow the key to the gate, to let the van in the driveway; and the moving guy and I carried everything to the elevator, and from the elevator into the apartment.

Phew!  After all that, I was not at all put out when the moving guy told me that the actual fee for the delivery of two objects amounted to 450 kronor.  Last night, Matt spent sanding, prying, and otherwise carpentering the feet back onto the couch. So, total: a little sweat and 1,250 kronor altogether (about $255) for some sophisticated new livingroom furniture.

Couch, deposited.

The purchases were *almost* an impulse buy.  And yet, despite bombings, stomach bugs, and other possible obstacles, we are now the proud owners of a fine, brown, soft leather couch.  Oh, and a fabulous marble coffee table.

The geology shot, with pen for scale.

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2 Responses to Couch is in the House!

  1. Lila says:

    Wow! Good deals and beautiful furniture. Lovely!

  2. TaliaStar says:

    Oh my goodness, your adventures in furniture-ing make our weak Craigslist dresser monitoring efforts sound like a walk in the park. Congratulations on your cool finds and on bringing these new pieces with their exciting energy into your house.

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