Darkness falls

I just looked at the clock to see that it’s not even 4 pm, but the dark is so velvet and complete that I feel like as though late evening has descended already.

As we approach winter solstice, I cannot help but feel lethargic.  Matt says we have been sleeping longer.  I find it hard to get out of bed before 7:30 am.

The sun was already low when I scooted outside after 1 pm today to take a quick constitutional in the cold.  I have to say, it depresses me to go on walks by myself sometimes.  Today was the first time on this loop in the Djurgarden that I didn’t feel sad to be trucking along alone.  I think it’s because the sun was shining, reflecting off the snow.  It was beautiful.

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So despite loving my SAD lamp, I think sunshine is still the best therapy.  I could feel it on Sunday too as Matt and I were out and about, soaking up the sun …

(That reminds me of a headline I saw:  “Light Diet: Animals that eat sunshine” is the subscription-only cover story of the magazine New Scientist this week.)

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