Snowy Saturday/Sunday

Biology museum in the snow

Matt and I went for a walk through the Djurgården on Saturday afternoon on our way downtown. The last time we had taken this path was in fall, probably, after a visit to the Rosendalsträgård.

Yesterday presented a different world: covered in a thick blanket of snow, the waterway was partly frozen. Snow clumped on tree trunks and branches in the white landscape.

We were walking and talking when I suddenly heard the sound of water running — at several degrees below freezing, I found that surprising.  Even more surprising was an ice-free oasis in the canal, created by a wastewater pipe that seemed to come from a grand house on a bluff above the walkway.

We stopped to observe a cluster of great gray herons, gathered at the pipe’s outflow.  They seemingly had amicably gathered around the ice-free watering hole — until one swooped in to displace another that had dared to go wading.  What a strange sight!  Beautiful, unnatural and odd, and absolutely enthralling.

Usually territorial, aren't they?

The rest of the afternoon we wandered through a Christmas market downtown and through Åhlens, a main department store here, swamped with people downtown in the throes of Jultid shopping.  An overwhelming experience.

Today was calmer:  We braved the snow-globe snow to trek over to the Moderna Museet.  I have some shots of some of my favorite artwork, but I am feeling lazy and will save them for another post.

Besides, the birds may have been more beautiful…

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