Still snowing

Snow piling up on roof and window ledges outside my office window.

Sorry for the weather update, but yes, it’s still snowing here in Stockholm — and paralyzing, I think, to this city that is more used to rain and ice for winter.  It ain’t Minnesota, is what I’m saying.

I’m posting on the weather mainly to share with you a few of the snow-related headlines I’ve seen:

And my favorite:

A news service seems to have repurposed the story from Svenska Dagblade, one of the main newspapers here in Stockholm, but I can’t find the original story.  Why does anyone in NYC care about this?

No matter.  The sun came out this morning, even as some flakes are still falling!  And this quote from The Local makes me a little less worried about our travel to Canada to join Matt’s family for Christmas, leaving on Thursday morning:

“It looks good at Swedavia’s airports. There can still be some affect[sic] of all the problems experienced at European airports,” said Helena Miller at the firm which operates 14 of Sweden’s largest airports.

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