Moderna Museet meander

At the Moderna...

One of Matt’s colleagues gave us free tickets to the Moderna Museet here in Stockholm, which we used last Sunday — our final opportunity to go before the end of the year.

Modern art can be tricky: Is that solid blue canvas really art?  What about the plexiglas square draped in tulle?  Matt and I both admitted that we liked the older pieces that are no longer so modern, such as Braque’s cubist still lifes or Matisse’s collages.

No matter how shocking they may have been when first revealed to the public, they now are beautiful to our “modern” eyes — classics.  Not so, the circle of ketchup bottles and ketchup-drenched cube, nor the weird fake mountain with fake travelogue droning from the speakers.  Maybe they will appeal to the next more modern generation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(The slideshow contains some of my favorite pieces at the Moderna Museet.  I hope it’s not illegal to post these photos!)

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