No ice!

Tomorrow morning, Matt and I will hop on a plane (or two) to go join my dad and his wife for a cruise.  No internet for a week, too much food and alcohol most likely, and sun like we haven’t seen in months — close to 12 hours of sun, as we are heading to the Caribbean.

How much of a difference could this make?  Yesterday was gray here in Stockholm, and I felt as though I had so little energy.  Post-fika, I was bursting with caffeine-driven activity, even though it was close to dark.  And this morning, at 7, as hints of sunrise were creeping into our bedroom, for the first time in months I felt awake and motivated to get out of bed and get going. The sun today was brilliant!  It’s +4 deg C, and the ice is melting, and I feel happy and creative!

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I know just enough of the science behind circadian rhythms and my own internal light-sensitive clocks to be dangerous.  Shouldn’t I be able to fix this somehow?  I don’t really want to take melatonin or vitamin D.  Maybe my SAD light in winter and heavy curtains to hold out the light in summer could work.

But seeing how responsive I feel to sunny days up here in the wintry North makes me wonder:  Will I be able to sleep when summer arrives, and it’s still light at 10 pm?  I have visions of myself cavorting outside in the midnight sun (which doesn’t really stick around in Stockholm that long, I suppose).

We shall see.  In the meantime, we are heading south for some near-equatorial sun.  I’ll blog about the trip — and my sunburn, which is inevitable — when we return mid-February.

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2 Responses to No ice!

  1. TaliaStar says:

    Have a wonderful time in the sun, Naomi. I will look forward to your update when you return! Hope it is a safe and relaxing vacation!

  2. Kim says:

    not much to say about the circadian rhythm question except that I’ve seen people living as far south as Montreal suffer (a lot – failing out of university from seasonal depression, it was really bad) from lack of sunlight in the winter…if you think that’s you, I highly recommend a sun lamp or whatever. Can make a world of difference.

    In an unrelated note – Am v. jealous of how much you and your husband get to travel….

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