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Our apartment-hunting options

“Everything we have looked at and think is possible is impossible,” Matthew said to me the morning after we decided not to pursue the Grandma apartment. As we have watched the bidding wars escalate the prices of teeny apartments in the … Continue reading

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Apartment agony

We made our first bid on an apartment last week! It was all very exciting:  the minimum size (70 square meters, or about 760 square feet), full southern exposure for maximum sunlight, with a small space for an office, and … Continue reading

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Gone to Gozo

As I watch tiny flakes of snow skitter past my window, under a bright blue sky, I have a hard time believing that Matt and I were in the Mediterranean just a few days ago. Our destination was somewhat whimsical: … Continue reading

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Ok, also, raaaaaaaaining. Or is that sleeeeeting? Maybe sluuuuuushing? Whatever it’s doing, it’s cold and wet here.  Must be Swedish spring!!approot/embedvideo.swf?videoId=1.2049118

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A spring storm is spattering the windows at the moment, and equinox is approaching pretty quickly. The temperatures here in Stockholm have been steadily climbing it seems — well, at least they are positive at this point. Yesterday was about … Continue reading

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Chance sightings

Life happens differently somehow when you walk along a street, rather than rush by in a bus or car.  I’ve traveled along Sturegatan many times on the #1 bus, but after a meeting the other day, I ended up walking … Continue reading

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Architecture porn

Maybe we should move to Mexico. Because it said “Yucatan” in the little blurb on the NYT home page, I found myself perusing the slideshow that goes with this article: Could it be any more fabulous?  How in the … Continue reading

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