A spring storm is spattering the windows at the moment, and equinox is approaching pretty quickly. The temperatures here in Stockholm have been steadily climbing it seems — well, at least they are positive at this point.

Yesterday was about 5 or 6°C, practically balmy. I took a walk, and in the sun, I felt so warm — except for the stiff breeze.  Once I got into the forest on the hills between our apartment and the television tower, the breeze died down. The snow was turning to slush on the trail.

I climbed up to one of the higher points, to see what I could see — and I saw this:

Joe's Bar, somewhere on a forested hill in the Djurgarden!

Someone had set up a “bar,” with plank counter, ivy-strewn facade, and sign (it’s on myspace somewhere). It’s sort of the opposite of an ice bar.  Pretty funny. There’s even a bartender’s stool in the back. It made me wonder, what kind of drunken parties had been held here?  I felt a little jealous — and maybe a tiny bit old and uncreative.  There’s no way, I thought to myself, that I’d want to be sitting here drinking in the freezing cold after midnight…

And then I continued on my way through the woods.

Backside of the hill in the twilight: Melting has created these humus-stained icefalls all over Stockholm. Very cool.

A quick addendum: It’s not spring yet exactly, but it’s been beautiful and sunny almost every day the past week or so. But it won’t be warm until maybe, oh, May? June?  We’ll see!

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