Apartment bid outcome

It's the one in the middle (juuuust right!).

Matt texted me yesterday afternoon to say that he was waiting to hear back from the broker — would the other active bidder raise our final offer?

More than 3.425 million kronor, and we were out of the running.  We would be back to Matt’s obsession with Hemnet.se, and I would have to see if I could compromise my desire to live in the city but be near forest and water.

I will not torment you further:  Reader, we got it!

I know I cannot think of it as a competition, but it still felt like we won.  We pushed the envelope just enough of what we were willing to pay to outbid the competition.

I was stunned when I heard the news, and surprisingly calm.  Then my neurotic self kicked in:  What if we end up house-poor?  What if it’s not as good an apartment as we think it is? What if it’s noisy, too small, has plumbing problems — what if what if what if??  I was preparing myself for the worst.

Matt finally said to me: Stop being so negative!  This is a good thing for us.

And it is — the location alone makes this place worth the price we will pay, possibly worth even more than what we bid.  When Matt told his colleagues yesterday afternoon about the possibility that he might end up living in Ostermalm, they teased him that this is the most expensive neighborhood in Stockholm!

A few hours after that first text, we made our way to the broker’s office, where we met the couple selling the flat — and their two little girls.  We were astonished that they all live in such a small space, but one of the parents said that the older girl, a three-year-old, had said that she didn’t want to move to a bigger place — they were just fine where they were, she told them.  Who knows what the baby thought!  (Though she did cry throughout the entire process of reading the contracts and signing…)

After we signed the papers, we walked over to see our new place:

On our new street!

We bought bread from the bakery around the corner, and salad from the grocery across the street.  Then we caught the bus home for a celebratory beer.

After we got home, Matt did a quick Hemnet search with the same parameters he used last week to find all the places we visited:  More than 70 m2, less than 3 million kronor.  He found nothing in the city in the neighborhood where we will live — absolutely nothing.

I am practically giddy after describing it to my mom!  Yes, it’s small, expensive, but it’s ours now, and it will change our lives!  Matt’s commute is about to be about 10 to 15 minutes.  I can now walk out the door and into town, without waiting for a bus or walking 15 minutes to get to the metro.  We will live near the ice skating arena (free! lit until 11 pm in wintertime!), and still have access to the Djurgarden!  We have already started arranging our furniture in our heads…

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11 Responses to Apartment bid outcome

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  2. Jordi says:


    What language are you doing all of this in?

    You guys kick booty and take no prisoners.

    So, how many guest rooms does it have?


  3. David says:


  4. vs says:

    mazel tov!

  5. Christa says:

    Fabulous!!!!!! 🙂
    Congratulations, I’m so happy for you and Matt!

  6. Ralph & Laura says:


  7. Brian Kettenring says:

    Awesome Possum!

  8. Brian Kettenring says:

    How close is Stieg Larsson’s place?

  9. Lila says:

    Yay! Congrats!

  10. Alba says:

    Wundarbar!!!!!!!! Congrats my dear! and… what if it is the best choice of your lifes?? Cool!!!!!

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