Mom visits Millesgården

This past week has been quite touristic, despite the weather!

Mom relaxed at home during the stormy weather days at the beginning of the week, reading and doing needlework, while I headed over to my office to do a little work. On Wednesday evening, we braved the remnants of the rain to head out to Gamla Stan, for an excellent dinner at Fem Små Hus (I had the duck, Mom had Arctic char, and we shared a plate of reindeer carpaccio smothered in apple and rosehips sauce and a cloudberry tart for dessert that was smothered in sweet meringue).

On Thursday, we walked across the park to the Nybrogatan, where I left Mom to go to work while she explored the Vasa. We stayed in that evening (and made a dinner without any sauces!).

Mom and Poseidon, at the Millesgarden on Lidingo.

Yesterday, after we both worked at home in the morning (Mom on her needlework and I on edits and stuff, to a soundtrack of jazz), we packed a picnic lunch and headed over to the Millesgården.  Under blue and windy skies, we ate on the terrace beneath Carl Milles’ statues on looming pillars (with some attempts at kinetic sculpture by an art class below), and then went to check out the house and the Beatrix Potter show that is on through next week.

Quite a lot of stuff!  And we did even more today — but that’s the next post!

Statues and smokestacks

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