Bread and Circus

There are camels back there, I swear. Three of them!

On Saturday, Mom and I walked all over town — from home to the Royal Palace, where we toured the Royal Apartments (no photos allowed, sorry!).  Then fika in Gamla Stan, to fortify ourselves for the walk back up to the mall for at Karlaplan to pick up some dinner. And then home, for a total of around 5 miles (8+ km).

On our walk across the Djurgården toward downtown, we actually saw animals (djur means animal) — camels!!  From Circus Maximus, in town for the weekend.

Walking home in the evening light, post-Grill buffet, stuffed, at 9 pm.

Today, on our way home from dinner at a place called Grill (yes, lots of meat, but also decadent crême brulée and a cheesecake with passionfruit ice cream for dessert — yum!), we watched as the circus trucks pulled out of town.

More touristing tomorrow!  More fika too…

Pitched and disassembled in the space of two days!

Carl Milles' Orfeus and Kung-Fu Panda, downtown.

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