More wanderings, and a departure

Mom after fika at the Rosendal

I miss my mom.

As she got in the taxi this morning and pulled away, I felt so sad.  It was so nice to have her here, and not just because of all the fun things we did — and how well we ate!! — but also the feeling of having home here in this place that is so far away from friends and loved ones, and especially far from my parents in California.  And of course, saying goodbye to one’s mother is so hard!

For me it calls up memories of leaving after our too-short weekend visits when I was a kid.  Mom and I had a tradition: she would ask me, in the car on the way to the airport, what I planned to do for the next week.  I asked her about our little practice during this visit; was it her way to prepare me for the imminent separation and innoculate me, maybe, against any attending sadness of saying goodbye?  Yes, by looking ahead and being positive toward the future.  I would get on the plane to go back to my dad’s house, looking forward to what was next (and still feeling sad, of course!).

Today I was sad that Mom left, even though I’m distracted by work.  So, I am going to look behind a little more, because I am missing her, with one more post to finish up her visit.

I am pleased to say that I walked my mom all over town again yesterday! After what became our habit of doing a little work in the morning, we headed out into the lovely weather (bright sun! nearly 20ºC!!) and over to the Historiska Museet.  It’s probably one of the best museums in town, if not the best (my friend EmmaC. introduced me to it during her visit–thanks!).  Mom and I spent several hours there, pouring over the text in the prehistory, Vikings, and Sweden’s past-millennium exhibits.

Then we scooted back out into the sun, to walk over to the Rosendalträgården, my favorite place for fika.  We got there too late to sample the morotskaka (carrot cake) or the almond pastries, but Mom scored one of the last kanelbuller (cinnamon rolls) and I got some tasty almond lemon cookies.  The sugar was fortification for our walk home through the Djurgarden, past the heron’s nesting sites (or are they Great Egrets?) where we stopped to snap photos, and almost to the Baltic Sea.  As we headed back, we passed the Jewish Theater, but it was closed and we could not go in, sadly.

Next visit!  That’s become our mantra for this visit — we did all of my favorite things, as Matt said when he heard that I took Mom to fika in the Rosendal.  It’s true, we went to my favorite spots, but nowhere near all of them!  (I never got her over to Pelikan for a real Swedish husmans lunch!)

So thank goodness Mom is already planning her next visit — as she said yesterday while she was packing: when you are a guest, it’s better to go while you are still welcome!

I miss my mom!

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One Response to More wanderings, and a departure

  1. Lila says:

    Yep, those look like herons of some sort! (Egrets would be all white.) Glad you had a nice visit with your mom. Missing home — and family — can be so tough. Hope your next visit with her is soon!

    Thank you for the comments on the photos of S. That’s really sweet of you. He’s 10 months old!

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