Home again, finally

While the plane crossed the Archipelago on my way back from Milan on Saturday, I felt for the first time that I was coming home to Stockholm.

I noticed this with relief as the plane descended over the islands. The landscape was green, green, green, not the snowy white that made me feel heavy on one of my last arrivals, and the water was deep blue and then pale green in the shallow saddles where islands sat close together.

I thought I would never have that feeling of homecoming, at the same time that I knew intellectually that it would only be a matter of time.  I am trying to think of other places I’ve lived — were there a few where it was never that “Ah, I’m home!” feeling?  Even though I may have felt relief to be back to my own house… ? Doesn’t matter; there’s something about seeing a familiar landscape and having it feel just-so.

The weird thing, now that I’m back from the warmth of Italy, is that it feels SO COLD here up north. The temperature has hovered below 20°C (somewhere in the 60s F) and big fat splattering drops of rain have fallen every morning I’ve been back.

Even stranger:  It’s still light at 10 pm.  It’s May.  Holy smokes.  The last tiny glow of sunset lingered until just after 11 pm last night.  Is this why my brain feels out of sorts?

It’s 10:30 pm now, and still kind of glowy out. I’m waiting for Matt to get back from his latest meeting.  After this, we have to start thinking about moving… and summer… and more family and friends coming to visit… it makes me pleased to think about all that.

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One Response to Home again, finally

  1. taliastar says:

    Welcome home! Glad to hear you are adjusting to what you have declared as your new normal. That is a good feeling.

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