Home alone

After my return from Milan, I spent a few days home alone, as Matt went on to his next meeting. At first, I was so tired post-meeting-travel that I was pretty happy to zone out solo.  But by the end of Sunday, I felt a bit stir-crazy.

I had thought I had made plans with a friend for a Sunday museum visit, and with another friend to have a drink or something in town on Monday night, but both postponed. Another friend I might have called was traveling after the same meeting.  And I didn’t have the energy to contact one of the upstairs neighbors for some socializing.  I felt lucky to have my workplace to go to during the next few days, the office I started renting back in April where I can schmooze (and even speak some Swedish) with other science reporters.

The expat’s dilemma!  You have to get out and meet people, but it takes sooooo much energy to do so.  As an extrovert, I’m surprised to find myself lacking that energy.

I ended up hunkered down on the couch to watch movies — Angels in America (both three-hour parts) and the first half of Frida — over the course of three evenings.  I was amused to find myself somehow enacting Matt’s behaviors when he’s home (evening videos and a beer!), and engaging in behavior I normally don’t do well — movie-watching, or sitting still of my own free will.

But if I didn’t distract myself, I would have felt so lonely.

Matt is home again now, but he reminded me this morning that he will go away for another meeting at the beginning of June.  I will have to make some plans now for seeing people or doing something special.  He will be away for part of the 5-day weekend holiday that marks Sweden’s national day and something to do with Easter.  I hope someone will be around to keep me company some, or that I can be relaxed and enjoy myself, by myself!

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