Window views over the weekend

Unusual fika

I think last weekend started on Friday — my colleagues put on a fika that, instead of the traditional kanelbullar, consisted of cheese, crackers, thin Swedish ginger cookies (pepperkackor), tomatoes and wine. Yum.  An excellent start to the weekend (well, at least after I finished some work after that)!

View from a colleague's office window

Marathon hairpin, window view

On Saturday, 20,000 people ran the Stockholm marathon.  I took a gander every now and then from the balcony — it was *cold* on Saturday!  That didn’t stop us from having beers on the rooftop of another colleague’s apartment across the park from us.  They have a panoramic view of the city of which one might never tire… we tried to speak Swedish over supper as much as possible, but English remained the bulk of our conversation.

Stockholm panorama, balcony view in the sunset (at around 10 pm)

On Sunday, I wandered over to Magasin 3, the modern art gallery at Frihamnen a few blocks from home, to meet my friend KE.  We saw Investigations of a Dog (Kafka), which included some pieces by Jeff Koons among others.

American bumper stickers as Tibetan prayer flags, Magasin 3

No windows, but at the risk of being clichéd, windows into culture and into how I think and interpret.  A lot of the artists were working from the US, so strange to have a window into my own culture.

We hit the last day of that exhibit before they closed for the summer.  And now it’s straight into summer, with 20-degree-sunshiny days this week (60s and 70s F), with only a threat of chilly and rainy and springlike weather off and on.

This weekend starts on Thursday:  The Ascension of Jesus garners two days’ holiday in this areligious country, and Sweden’s National Day is on Monday (June 6).  The result?  Five-day weekend!

Lilacs for Mom!

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2 Responses to Window views over the weekend

  1. Mom says:

    Thank you for the lilacs!!
    I miss you and Stockholm….

  2. taliastar says:

    Whoo-hoo! Checking out the marathon!!! Glad you are supporting your local runners out there working hard in the COLD.

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