Pedaling, Paddling, Perambulating

Just a few shots of the looooooong weekend so far —

Lidingo coastline. We sat on a dock for a little while, contemplating the big sky and sea. It always reminds me of Boundary Waters, and poor Matt always has to hear me say that...

Graffiti at the electricity station in the woods on our way. You can see a photo on Matt's Facebook page of me about to scale a staircase, bike on back.

We went for a few bike rides, including one along the coast of Lidingo — that turned into a hike with our bikes on our backs at some points!

We bought a bed for our new apartment. It’s name is Elton. No really, that’s the model name.  No photos yet, but to be delivered sometime around July 4 — I’ll describe the bed-buying process then.

I think that Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips may be better than dark chocolate from Europe. That includes Swiss, Belgian, and whatever else you want to name. Is that blasphemous?

I made chocolate chip cookies, from the contraband Ghiradelli chocolate chips and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate is a rarity here in Sweden!) that my mom brought with her.  We ate nearly all of them at two back-to-back BBQs with friends.

Canoe, kayak, cycle...

We rented a canoe for a morning paddle on the canal that runs through the Djurgarden.

Navigating by Nordiska Museet, not the North Star.

Old Swedish classics at Myrorna

And yesterday, I went wandering by bike across downtown, onto Gamla Stan, and over to Myrorna, in search of goodies… then back home to collect Matt for fika in the Djurgarden.

A little space tourism on my way.

The weather for most of these excursions was exceedingly hot — for Stockholm, that is! Mid-20s Celsius (solid 70s Farenheit), sunny, breezy but hot… I felt almost sunburned yesterday.  And then today, back to 12-14°C.  Crazy!  It’s still sunny though, and tomorrow will be warm again for Sweden’s national day.

Gamla Stan gambol: I was in search of a specific store, found on this street. The proprietor told me that he could tell that tourist season has started and the boats (cruise ships) are docking...

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