Matt and I zoomed out to Danderyd yesterday afternoon to meet a couple who have been consistently taking us paddling, ice skating, and otherwise out and about. Despite a threat of rain, we got sun (and a little wind) for our excursion, which seemed to combine a little of everything !

The bike route we followed took us through city and park, past beautiful meadows, and for a little while along a wooded converted railroad path (past a golf course where Matt nearly got beaned by an errant golfball). We also traveled through some of the richest neighborhoods in Sweden, not a little like Palo Alto with its palatial homes on leafy streets — only with a view of the Baltic. (Well, to clarify, a view of the inland Baltic!)

Once we finally found the right beach (we got a little confused), we put in, with our hosts in their kayaks and Matt and I in their beautiful canoe: light kevlar and carbon fiber, with wood trim.  We were nowhere near weighted down enough, so I popped up in the stern (I was steering in the back and Matt was the powerhouse in the front), and that made steering in yesterday’s wind a wee bit difficult.  At one point the canoe turned 180 as the wind caught my higher end like a sail.

Lounging rock

Nevertheless, we figured out our rhythm and I got back into the swing of steering, and we made it to our destination:  a patch of sunny glaciated rocks in a nearby lake, below what would make a perfect campground.  Felt like BWCA.  We lolled on the rocks in the sun, had snacks, drank a little coffee — and then headed back into rolling waves and wind that had switched directions so we were driving right into it.

Weird graffiti, beautiful granite.

It was fabulous — roller-coaster-y even, with Matt in the front of the canoe smacking into the waves as they hit.  I was afraid to take a more oblique tack, in case the pitching tipped us.  So much fun!

Then back to our beach takeoff point, where our hosts packed up the boats and us and took us back to their house for delicious BBQ (those of you friends with Matt on Facebook can see me fake-attacking the sausages).  Somewhere around 9:30, we got a ride back to the beach and our bikes and headed home.

We started peddling at around 10:00 pm.  We were home by 10:45 pm.  It was dark-ish by 11 pm.  And this morning, my knees are sore!  🙂  SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Editor’s note: We left the house at 1:30 pm, pedaled until around 3 off and on; paddled from 3ish until around 6:30 pm; then the last 45-minute pedal to get home before 11 pm.  Not bad, a nice long day — felt like two days maybe (two really good days!). 

Campground shot for the Strong Women.

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  1. Lila says:

    Sounds wonderful!

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