Stormy Solstice

Word on the street is that Swedes want and secretly hope that Midsommer (right around summer solstice, today, for celebrating purposes on June 24 this year) will be sunny and warm.  But the tradition is rain — people huddling under raincoats and umbrellas, bravely barbecuing on one of the longest days of the year.

This year has not disappointed:  After a few weeks of warmth and sun, the rain arrived at the end of last week.  Scattershot showers on Saturday and then solid rain on Sunday, which was sorely needed.  The sports fields outside our apartment were drying out, the ground solid — so cracked and hard that the rain on the weekend immediately ran off and ponded at low points in the field.

Koloni huset

Sunday evening, we gathered up at some friends’ garden in the city, to drink champagne and christen the new koloni house — we had helped take down the 100-year-old building last fall.  Everything was lush and green and beautiful.

It rained last night, and the forecast is for thunderstorms today.  So much for experiencing all the light of summer solstice in Sweden!  On the other hand, I see blue sky from my window just now…

Green garden


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