Settling in

So, here we are, several weeks into living in our new apartment (for immediate photo satisfaction, the slideshow is at the end of this post!).  The cupboards are full, the books unpacked.  Everything feels pretty cozy (or mysig, pronounced miu’-sigg)!

Was it really just last week that we finished up moving?  Matt picked up a van on Monday evening and we packed it up with what remained in the old apartment — the blue couch bed, extra towels and sheets, various odds and ends.  We moved everything that evening, including a big IKEA bookshelf (we call them The Squares) that we bought from an online seller.

We had looked at The Squares at 6 pm, bought them on the spot, had to take them apart on the street in the rain to fit them in the van, take them home, put them back together, cracking bits in the process (IKEA furniture does not handle moving well sometimes), and then go to the Big Apartment to move the rest.  It was totally exhausting.

But worth it.  The next morning, we had time before we returned the van for a run to Myrorna (Salvation Army), to pick up a few more odds and ends. (A red IKEA BILLY bookshelf that I particularly like, for example — at the extravagant cost of 100 SEK, which is high for Myrorna!) And then off to the bike store with a maimed bike that needed repair, the grocery store for food and cleaning supplies, the Systembolaget to stock up on beer and wine — having a vehicle is awfully useful sometimes.

Except we also managed to get a parking ticket.  Turns out that on Tuesday mornings between o and 6, our street gets cleaned.  The rental van and three other cars from out of town got tagged.  While it’s nice not to be the only oblivious ones, that ticket was steep! (550 SEK!)  And it felt so … dumb to get a ticket while we were moving.  We don’t own a car!  Why us??  Gah!

In the end, it all washes out.  We got our furniture, everything is in place, and we are done. Maybe.  Perhaps the IKEA items are all just placeholders until we pick up some finer furniture, like a nicer desk? (Matt was right:  Getting just the desktop and some of IKEA’s spindly legs looks very, um, “graduate school” chic.) And we have already rearranged the living area once.

Still, we seem to fit well into this downsized life!  Last night we had one of Matt’s colleagues and his family to supper, and everything fell into place to seat six comfortably in the kitchen.  This weekend, as I was moving books onto shelves, I could not shake the feeling that we had nooks and crannies that still need to be filled.  Empty IKEA baskets!  What can go in them?

I also found myself wondering, as I sat in a sunny patch on Sunday afternoon, how will the apartment feel in winter?  How much light will fall on the comfy black chair at the window?  How will the plants fare?  Will snow muffle the noise of the grocery store delivery trucks?

We will see… and in the meantime, the slideshow gives you a taste of what it looks like at the moment, in most of the 70 square meters.  Some more pictures are on the wall, and the mirror in the hallway is hung (had to get a drill bit for the cement!).  I forgot to get a shot of the bathroom.  And I am lacking the fish eye lens used so prominently in the ads, so please forgive the normal aspect ratios!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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