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“Found food”

[Many thanks to T-star for the title of this blog!] A quick update on our mushrooms, gathered in the forest south of Stockholm: they have lost most of their water volume, dried up into husks of their former fungal selves. … Continue reading

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Svamp things

Another Sunday outing into the countryside, this time south of Södermalm, and in search of mushrooms.  We set off this morning, on what is a typically Swedish quest: kantereller (chanterelles). My friend and colleague AN invited us to come search for brown … Continue reading

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Apple Farm

I grew up in a suburb of Sacramento, and we would regularly head up to Apple Hill every fall: a string of orchards up in the foothills, off the two-lane highway winding up to Lake Tahoe.  We bought apples, apple … Continue reading

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Damaging ripple effects from a theft

Yesterday morning, Matt and I were about to set off on a search for a new bike for me. We aimed to visit a local bike shop or two, and buy a new Trek hybrid on sale. Right before we … Continue reading

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