Svamp things

A "puff" mushroom that spews its spores out of the hole at the top when you squeeze it.

Another Sunday outing into the countryside, this time south of Södermalm, and in search of mushrooms.  We set off this morning, on what is a typically Swedish quest: kantereller (chanterelles).

In the skog...

My friend and colleague AN invited us to come search for brown chanterelles in the woods near his house, in a suburb on the commuter line south of the main city.  It was sunny and chilly and a good day for mucking around in moss and mud and pine trees and granite boulders.

Mushrooms in Swedish are svamparna, or the singular svamp. I think that’s usually where you find them here, in woody swamps.  Most of the ones we found today, however, were high up on hummocky rock-outcrop hills, wet and mossy.

Our host and guide AN kept saying how good it is earlier in the mushroom season, when regular kantareller, which are orange, pop out at you from the green moss.  Today, most of our mushrooms blended in with the fallen leaves, now that fall has finally arrived.

Matt and I came home with quite a cache, even though this is very late in the season.  Still, Matt reported being passed by a woman with a whole grocery bag full of mushrooms, with her two kids in tow.  She eyed his tiny collection and scoffed.

She most likely had the advantage though:  Everyone here in Sweden seems to have grown up looking for mushrooms in their favorite spot, and spends at least one fall day collecting and drying and eating chanterelles in sandwiches.

Kantareller, laid out to dry

A little more reading on urban mushrooming:

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