Coming Out of the Holidaze

Matt and I decided a while back that we would not travel this holiday season.  We planned to sit on the couch, watch movies, eat popcorn, read…

Hanukiyah on the fifth night. One of the many holidays of lights at this dark time of year...

That made the countdown to Hanuka and Christmas relatively smooth for us.  While other folks were out buying last minute gifts, we had no stress.  No need for a special meal, though we ate well.

And we have not been completely without holiday spirit:  I’ve been lighting the candles for Hanuka every night. Matt bought himself some new ice-skating blades with some Christmas money from his grandma.  I brought him t-shirts from California.  And we got some kitchen stuff for ourselves: a set of lime-green melamine bowls that Matt gave me for Hanuka, and a waffle iron!!  (So exciting — waffles on Saturday morning!  You have no idea how serious I am about this.)

Playing games by the light of the menorah! (Yes, cribbage, and for a novice, Matt beat me A LOT.)

Addiction: After 1 million points, it's all downhill from there, baby.

We had lovely invitations from friends here, which we turned down. It was pretty great to sit back on the couch and zone out on video games.  (I highly recommend Runik, which I have been playing on a BlackBerry Playbook — it is SO addictive.  I also recommend finding a way to pull the plug before you waste a few days on this game as I did.) We watched the Festivus episode on Seinfeld (look it up! It’s great! Matt is threatening to get a pole next year…).

We have not turned into a completely vegetative state. We’ve gone skating over at the Östermalms Idrottsplats, a racing track that the city keeps open nearly all the time, tricked out with ice over the winter — even though it’s close to 10°C doesn’t mean we can’t skate.

Kungsgatan: an anniversary of the paving of the stream that once carried boats here, and a bit of festive shopping.

We went shopping on the Friday before Christmas. This experience reminded me why I don’t like this season.  The horrible music in the stores can make the experience unbearable, and the massive lines, though seemingly shorter here in Stockholm (maybe everyone is in Thailand for a month or two?), persuaded me again why I avoid the Christmas shopping season (not only because I’m Jewish and don’t celebrate this holiday with my family).

We spent three hours hanging out on Skype on Christmas day with Matt’s family, and watching his family all together (seven kids, seven adults!) made me miss them. Perhaps we will travel next year…

Festive lights! Happy Winter Solstice!

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One Response to Coming Out of the Holidaze

  1. jen says:

    We had that nice Festivus pole in Innsbruck that year.

    Now, I’d like to revisit the part where you say you’ve got a PlayBook. !?!?!??!?!

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