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First-World Doctor’s Office

I went to the doctor earlier this week. I meant to go on Tuesday, but I had been vomiting the night before, and was feeling overly cautious — I called the advice nurse and the clinic, and eventually the clinic … Continue reading

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Discovery! Swedes make cardamom-flavored coffee! And they buy it from Indiska, the Swedish store that makes all their products in India (I might be exaggerating, but that’s what all the tags say on stuff of theirs I’ve seen). Or at … Continue reading

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Cough = Hosta

I’ve been sick for a few weeks now, but the past few days took the cake. On top of the cold I caught from Matt ages ago, it seems, I met up with a young child on Saturday who seems … Continue reading

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“It’s time for more Swedish,” Matt just said.  “Swedish waits for no man!” Matt’s new hobby is studying Swedish.  He’s about to sit down at the kitchen table with the textbooks we bought for our last class and forge ahead, … Continue reading

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Nice jacket (or Swedish by osmosis)

“Snygga jacka,” said my colleague TH yesterday afternoon. “Huh?” I said, thinking, he just said something about my jacket. I heard the word, but also got the visual confirmation, as TH was watching me zip up my down coat against … Continue reading

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Finally! Snö!!!  It’s snowing!  Big fat flakes are falling outside my office window just now, the first I’ve seen since coming home, really, from California last month. So far, this winter in Stockholm has been wet and relatively warm.  Sure, … Continue reading

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End of the Middle Days

Here in Sweden, the days between Christmas and the new year are called the mellandagarna, the “middle days.” I tried to go back to work a bit, but I (and most of the rest of my colleagues) were still in … Continue reading

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