“It’s time for more Swedish,” Matt just said.  “Swedish waits for no man!”

Matt’s new hobby is studying Swedish.  He’s about to sit down at the kitchen table with the textbooks we bought for our last class and forge ahead, teaching himself prepositions today.

I admire his ability to motivate himself to do this.  For the first few study sessions this week, I attempted to join.  I started from the beginning, reviewing the first class we took together when we started over a year and a half ago.


It’s good to see some familiar concepts in these books.  As I have been re-reading, I recognize words and concepts (öbestamd form!) that I hear around me now. I’m also embarrassed to realize how little stuck with me from those first courses.

I know I should start taking a course again, if only for the inspiration to do homework and show up in class prepared so I am not embarrassed before teacher and classmates.  But I’m also feeling too comfortable here, surrounded by people willing to speak English to me all the time.

Plus I’m feeling cheap — I would rather not pay for an expensive course right now. Nor do I want to take the time to go to the free courses given by the city — those cost time.

Of course, the greater cost here is not fitting into the society in which I live now.  Those costs are intangible, and I may never know what I’m missing.  Perhaps that should be enough to inspire me to get my butt over to the kitchen table right now.

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One Response to Homework

  1. Alba says:

    I guess you’re right dear! there is lots of life around there, so study now!

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