Nobody Said It Was Easy, Chipotle

[Taken from a chat with a friend on Gmail today, with some notations/edits.]

can you see that ad? it played during the grammys last night – I didn’t see it, but a lot of people mentioned it on fb [Facebook]

me: um, I don’t watch the grammys
oh, I saw this last year!

Friend: oh, I haven’t seen it before

4:36 PM me: someone posted it on FB when it first came out
and I remember thinking, Yeah, right. …
it was posted on YouTube 5 months ago
what are people saying?

4:37 PM Friend: ha!   they liked it
whether or not it’s true that chipotle is going to fix industrial farming, I love the ad

 me: well, if[sic] I like it too, if I don’t think too hard about it
I mean really, Willie [Nelson] and Coldplay? [Awesome!!]

4:38 PM Friend: I can’t help myself, I like coldplay

4:39 PM me: it makes me sad, this ad

4:40 PM Friend: why?  I mean, what part of it?

4:41 PM me: Well, nobody said it was easy because it’s NOT
and the idea of going back to mom-n-pop farms to be passed down to the next generation is incredibly naive
the amount of PORK that people want to buy is HUGE

4:42 PM Friend: true

 me: and Chipotle is part of that: readily accessible, needed in amounts available every day at unimaginable scales — not to mention the waste
and the need for pharma, pig shit lagoons and the rest.
industrial scale farming is now part of our landscape, just as Chinese manufacturing is [Ed. note: See recent reporting on Apple iPhone production in China, from This American Life and the New York Times, for example.]
and that’s not to say it won’t change
it will change
but it won’t go back

4:43 PM Friend: sounds like a blog post

 me: yep
did I just rant[?]

 Friend: I didn’t take it as literally going back, but more as just, like, rethinking

 me: necessary for sure
4:44 PM I wonder how much is possible… and how much consumers are willing to make it happen, and manufacturers are willing to embrace losing a little of their profits for that change
Chipotle just figured out how to get some customers this way
what will happen to their bottom line if they do the right thing?
or Apple?

 Friend: well, might an ad like that help consumers think about the choices they’re making?

 me: I sure hope so
4:45 PM [but] what if they just accept it — as in hey, Chipotle is doing the right thing! I don’t have to eat less pork, or think about where my other meat comes from
how’s that for cynical?

 Friend: also possible
indeed, likely. 🙂 but, hey, it’s ONE thing in the whole world of meat that’s saying, huh, the way we do meat now kind of sucks.

me: yep
with Willie!

4:46 PM Friend: yup!

 me: which is kinda awesome
in addition to Coldplay
and cute animation

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