V-Day i Sverige

Arctic lake

Courtesy of NOAA, http://www.natice.noaa.gov/

It’s not a big deal here in Sweden. One of my colleagues said yesterday that in the past few years, the stores have been selling more candy and chocolate, hitting people’s pocketbooks with pink and red hearts, as this is one more holiday with which they can make money — kind of like the slow encroachment of Halloween here, over the past decade.

And then he said: Oh well, it’s something worth celebrating.  Love!

True — until the celebration becomes too commercialized, until you start expecting the flowers, chocolate, special dinner and other one-upsmanship shenanigans that are now the norm in the US — and who needs to feel bad about being single on V-day?  It really should be a celebration of love. So, I emailed our families last night, just to say happy Valentine’s day and that we love them!

My V day reading:

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