Melting ice

It’s still winter in Sweden. The skies are clear, the sun is shining more and more, and on sunny afternoons you can feel spring approaching.

Only, we have about 6 weeks left of winter.

Stockholm skyline, with icy bay, 24 February 2012, taken from the cliff above the Fotografiska museum.

Same Stockholm city skyline, a week later from inside the Fotografiska cafe, 3 March 2012: Melted!

It’s almost painful!  The ice rink at Östermalms Idrottsplatts will close this weekend for the  season (the center is already closed because they can’t keep it frozen consistently).  On warmer afternoons, the scent of melting soil wafts by.  People are out walking in droves on sunny weekend afternoons.

And nothing will be green for another month or so.

Here in my second winter in Sweden, I now comprehend how much Swedes embrace the return of the sun.  Doesn’t matter how cold it is — all of us denizens of Stockholm are out soaking it up, jackets zipped high, faces turned to the light.

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