A Spring in My … Pedal

Hail is hitting the window in the roof of our office at the moment, making clattering noise that is scary and cool all at once — the sun was out just a moment ago, and we have the window open at the moment. I can feel the cold air wafting in, and see the ice drops cascading by, peppering the green lawn of the cemetery next door with white.  It’s amazing.

And I’m now thinking about my bike ride home.

Yes, it’s spring in Stockholm. After wimping out over the winter (no, I did not buy studded tires), I’ve finally started bicycle commuting again.  And last week, the bikes started coming out.  I got caught up in a bicycle traffic jam at one point on the way home.  I had to remind myself to stay calm — road rage on a bicycle is not pretty, and I’ve got it bad.

The bike (the new bike!) is in the shop for a spring tuneup today, and I’ll head over there late this afternoon to pick it up.  It’s only a short ride home from there, thank goodness, as we’re due for more rain this afternoon.  And then freezing temperatures over the weekend!

Spotted: barnvagen! A box for the kids to ride in on the way to the gym across from our apartment.

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