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Culture night

A week ago Saturday, a friend of mine texted to ask if I were going to attend Kulturnatt (culture night) here in Stockholm.  I had no idea what it was, and so Googled it to find a delectable catalog of … Continue reading

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Music criticism and glass houses

Last Wednesday, a friend offered me an extra ticket to join her at Cirkus here in Stockholm, to hear Ane Brun.  Well, I’d never been to Cirkus, and I’d never heard of Brun, so of course I said yes! The … Continue reading

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April Snow Showers

I have been cursing the drivers under my breath who have not yet removed their snow tires.  The rocks on the sidewalks have been vacuumed up by the city, the roads have been clear, and their tires have been tearing … Continue reading

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Tsunami, wave of the day

Wednesday’s giant earthquake and subsequent small tsunami in Indonesia/Banda Aceh generated lunchtime talk in my office. Folks in Sweden travel quite often to Thailand these days, and the 2004 Christmas tsunami killed over 500 Swedes, of the tens of thousands killed … Continue reading

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Rarely, in my memory, do Passover and Easter coincide so directly as they did this year. Last Friday night, first seder matched what is called “Long Friday” here in Sweden (Långfredag — which does make one wonder, how is it … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

I may have mentioned that I moved into a shared office at my collective about two weeks ago. Ever so slowly, my officemate and I have been rearranging furniture, contemplating what color to paint the walls, and getting used to … Continue reading

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