April Snow Showers

I have been cursing the drivers under my breath who have not yet removed their snow tires.  The rocks on the sidewalks have been vacuumed up by the city, the roads have been clear, and their tires have been tearing up the asphalt, sending up dust that I breathe on my bike commute to work.

And now I know why they haven’t removed them yet:  The scene outside our windows this morning was white, white, white, with several inches on the ground and more snow falling.

And just yesterday I was shouting about wanting summer to come…

Snowy April morning... when will winter end??

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One Response to April Snow Showers

  1. Lila says:

    I’m no stranger to April snow, having grown up in Boston. But it’s been June-like yesterday and today, so it’s funny to see this picture!

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